Booze crackdown

The Sports Ministry will be making it mandatory for athletes to be subjected to random breathalyzer testing to ensure they are free from alcohol consumption while participating at sports competitions in the country. Its minister Khairy Jamaluddin said he will request the Malaysian Anti-Doping Agency (Adamas) to carry out the move alongside anti-doping tests on athletes.

This was reported by Bernama on Friday. Read the full report here.

The powers-that-be can only do so much but it boils down to the athlete. English footballers are known to party hard and booze but most of them know their limits. To those who enjoyed the opportunity of covering EPL teams playing in the country, they will know that the minibars in the players' hotel rooms will be removed until after the exhibition match is over.

Athletes need to be disciplined enough to know when to drink and when not to drink.The best is to reduce or abstain from consuming alcohol.

Our players need to be aware that as professionals they need to work for their money. Abolish any form of schemes by the government so that these athletes will realise they need to work hard and this would mean sticking to a healthy diet.

Otherwise, most will just train halfheartedly for they know they will receive a sum of cash at the end of the month - just nice to pay for a new set of rims and buy a fancy smartphone to impress their friends.

Here's a list of 11 drug using athletes who make Charlie Sheen look like an amateur, as published on TotalProSports.

HD says: Drinking or smoking ain't cool.


  1. Hey..RAPE "ain't cool" as well....
    perhaps the minister should also focus on that!


  2. Get the new Minister to catch the SEA Games 2011 drug case officers first la. All also can talk big. Why no action by KBS, MSN, Adamas, against the KOM officials. Ya lor.. People will forget mah!

  3. 'Athletes lacking vision and awareness are most prevailing always.'

    In sports, vision and awareness are the core matters of development of athletes. But,unfortunately, our coaches and officials themselves are also lacking in these area. The ability to create the atmosphere by the coaches, teachers and officials during development and training to touch the hearts of the athletes are totally nowhere to be seen...

    HSKL says: The learned need to find the "hidden"


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