MMA slams 'racist doctors' claims

DR THARMASEELANThe Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) lambasted those who labelled doctors as being racists without thoroughly investigating the claims.

MMA president Datuk Dr N.K.S. Tharmaseelan was "upset" over such claims, adding that grouses should be aired through proper channels.

Dr Tharmaseelan was responding to allegations by several patients in Penang that doctors at the Kepala Batas and Seberang Jaya hospitals had verbally abused them and did not offer proper medical assistance.

Pinang Tunggal assemblyman Datuk Roslan Saidin had also claimed during proceedings at the Penang state legislative assembly earlier this month that three Malaysian Chinese doctors had refused to treat Malay patients.

This was refuted by state Health director Datuk Dr Lailanor Ibrahim, who said the department had not received any complaints.

"Using privilege of office to hurl unproven accusations is cowardly and a misuse of such privileges," he said.

"If there is basis for such allegations, then the matter should be referred to the Health Ministry.'

Read The Malay Mail today for the full report.

HD says: MMA is trying to say 'innocent until proven guilty'.


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