Bintang Rugby club now known as KL Saracens

Press release


KL Saracens is the latest club to join the global network of the innovative north London club.

Nigel Wray, Chairman of Saracens, said “Malaysia is a country that well understands the value of sport, and our community coaches have been making regular visits to the Bintang Rugby Club over the past few years. We are delighted that Bintang have now agreed to be known as KL Saracens, sharing our logo, our name and our kit for the foreseeable future.

KL Saracens join global network

“The Saracens Global Network – this growing family of clubs sharing the same ambition and values – now includes leading clubs in Moscow, Abu Dhabi, Tonga and Malaysia, and more announcements will be made in the next few weeks,” adds Wray.

Ian Johns, President of KL Saracens, states that “Bintang Rugby Club is delighted to have been invited to join the Saracens Global Network under our new club name KL Saracens.  Our immediate and long term plans for the club’s growth and development will be significantly advanced by the additional support we will receive from Saracens within our new relationship.”

As a member of the Saracens Global Network, KL Saracens will receive visits from Saracens senior and community coaches, regular advice and guidance in all areas of the game and an opportunity for a talented young player to travel to London next year for the chance to win a place in the Academy of the current Premiership leaders.

Andy Lawrence, KL Saracens Club Secretary, added “The enthusiasm from both parties to move to the next level is exceptional, with huge benefits in store for our youth and senior players, as well as our coaching staff.  We are very proud to be part of this prestigious global network and look forward to establishing KL Saracens as a showcase for the best of Malaysian rugby.”


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