Why every child should play sports...

1. You learn how to communicate and work with others
2. Winning and losing - part of the game
3. You will get hounded by your coach or teammate but you will enjoy a cold glass of beer or hot glass of teh tarik after the match. There is no such thing as sulking or pulling a long face
4. You will realise that everyone - from the guy who brings you water to the girl who bandages your wounds - is important
5. The players need the coach and manager as much as the coach and manager need the players
6. You don't know the meaning of ego for you are treated the same
7. You embrace the spirit of fairplay, respecting your opponent at all times
8. There is always room for improvement, no matter how good you are
9. You are not indispensible, for there will always be another talent eager to take over. There is no place for a diva
10. You inject fun while completing your task

For when the child grows up, he or she will inject the same values in his or her life.

HD says: Guess not many have played sports during their younger days...


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