FAM accepts SEA Games failure

Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) president Sultan Ahmad Shah (pic) has described the failure of Harimau Muda A to defend their SEA Games gold as a normal part of sporting life.

Sultan Ahmad said all parties should play their respective roles and cooperate in studying the weaknesses of the national team, so that the performance of the team, coach by Ong Kim Swee, could be improved.

Harimau Muda A not only failed in their mission to defend the gold medal won in the Indonesian SEA Games two years ago, but also missed the chance of bagging the bronze medal after losing 1-2 to Singapore in the match for third and fourth placing yesterday.

"This is football, there must be a winner and a loser. For Harimau Muda A, I can accept their failure with an open heart.

Read the full Bernama report here.

HD says: Menang, kalah adat permainan.But shouldn't we also be progressing? #justasking


  1. Bro Haresh,

    Have they said anything different following failures after failures these past 20 years or so ?
    Even if our rankings plummet to around 200 , FAM will continue to sing "Johnny Be Goode"!

    OKS' team were a bunch of over fed, over hyped headless chickens who could hardly string 3 passes together. They were playing like my school under 18 team lah bro.
    Ball control was none, passes were nowhere,none with leadership qualities on the pitch....simple basic tactics and applications were left out. All the 11 blokes could do was thump the ball away and wait for something good to happen...and by chance they get to score....everybody gloats.
    Another biggest contributor to our football demise is our tv commentators and the so called experts they invite to speak.People like "Awwrite" Zainal and his kakis should stay away from lulling us with their imaginative comments. Sometimes it appears that they are commenting to derive self satisfaction.....an example...when Malaysia conceded the 1st goal against S'pore in the bronze match...every soccer fan will know it was a schoolboy blunder committed by the keeper in failing to gather the ball cleanly...resulting in the goal. But our world class commentators said it was a defensive blunder.....why so stupid ?


    Peminat Sukan JB

  2. To be fair, I think OKS's team played better football than Rajagobal's team. Raja's team tak kalah teruk just because Raja's tactical display of playing negative football unlike OKS who fight "blow for blow" against its opponent.

    In short, technically OKS's team are far more superior than their seniors except for Shahrul Idlan, Apek and Mahali (who happened to be x-OKS's boys)

    Pak Nik

  3. Well said Peminat Sukan JB!

    I also wonder whether OKS' and the players are aware about the principals of attacking and defending involving the sport?
    Most obviously they don't, they're even lacking the imagination and approach in relation to the ever changing situation and moments....how bad and miserable it can be for a National outfit?
    Then we hear OKS' post match comments only good for himself and his poorly coached players - what more...to expect from these brain dead coach and players-stupidity. Gloating has also become too easy in Malaysian football even when goals are scored unintentionally and accidentally. Even in the Malaysian league it has become a tradition to gloat, but failing to stamp a mark in the Asian club level competition.
    Then we have people labeled as experts...coming from the poor footballing capabilities themselves, to comment on issues involving a play which they themselves don't understand....real dumb & dumber experts.
    Well, when the tv stations allows such people to come in and comment the outcome will be the inability of the tv commentators to learn from them to improve their commentaries. They even fail to recognize that they're non technical individuals trying to be technical in their commentaries. Its a very sorry state of affair in Malaysian football.

    If only there is an award for best commentaries and football analysis, i would not be surprised if they win it.

    HSKL says:Know what you speak, by knowing the basics of the sports!

  4. Malaysian football failed all round, not only in the Sea Games!

    When FAM excepts failure...it also should include failure for more than two decades in improving the sport. Knowing very well where Malaysian football was than and now Tuanku, and FAM should be brave enough to to except failure in total.
    Many old timers out there would agree that football in this country has failed tremendously under the leadership of Tuanku and the circus clowns at the helm. I once again call on the rulers council to advise Tuanku and his son to vacate their position, in order to allow the body to be cured by the long standing illness of total denial and pretentiousness. By doing so, we'll be able to also repair the damages and cure the illness which exist and dampens the Malaysian league competitions. Considering the inabilities and failure of most state fa's to pay salaries to their so called professionals, they must be given a choice to choose whether to remain as a professional team or a semi-pro team.
    This can be a very positive step forward in preventing future problems and failures of the state fa's from getting into financial difficulties involving high budget to run the team. For those state fa's with sound financial capacity can remain as a professional outfit.
    This approach will be a very positive step forward for better things to come in curing Malaysian football in the future. This can only be done if Tuanku and his son vacates FAM followed by all the clown at the helm.

    Trust me, this is the only way we can safe Malaysian football for the better.

    HSKL says: Go back to the basics and build on it correctly back to the future.

  5. Bro Haresh,

    I got confused with accept and except. Sorry, brother! if you could correct it please do so, or don't publish. Very embarrassing!

  6. Despite the extensive & intensive training over 2 years OKS & HM , not getting a medal at the recent SEA Games is actually cannot be accepted as normal part of sporting life. Please be more critical and please don't compare with RG as both teams were given a target to achieve and both faile Merry X'Mas & Happy 2014


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