When support matters...

Haresh Says, as published in Mailsport today:

National cycling coach John Beasley and National Sports Institute performance scientist Chee Lee Ming, who accompanied the cycling team to Mexico, have been Josiah Ng’s pillar of support throughout the first 24 hours of the nerve wracking incident. They somehow cushioned the anxiety of Josiah’s loved ones based miles apart.

In fact, Beasley has decided to stay back to keep an eye on Josiah until he is discharged from hospital. A picture of him taking a nap at the hospital was posted on Josiah's Facebook page. Such fatherly love is something money cannot buy.

Hopefully, Josiah will be back on his bicycle in no time as he sets his eyes on qualifying for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

And here's a poem dedicated to Beasley:

As for Beasley
who now plays nanny,
go drink some whisky,
eat some tacos they are tasty,
your treat for playing daddy.

HD says: Get well soon Josiah!


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