KLFA insist late salaries nothing to do with match-fixing

A  banner that read 'Bookie 5 Fans 0' during a Premier League match between KL and Sime Darby in May. KL lost 5-0.Was it arrogance or guilt? 
Either way, three coaches and five players from Kuala Lumpur FA (KLFA) faced the wrath of FA of Malaysia (FAM) who lashed out the whip to kick match-fixing out of football.
The eight in question, head coach Stanilav Lieskovsky, assistant team manager Rosdi Omar, official Shaari Jani, players Jeremy Danker, Khairul Anuar Shafie, Hafizi Roslee, Fadhulah Yunsifar and Phoo Kai Lun were handed lifetime suspensions from football and fined RM20,000 for match-fixing.

According to KLFA secretary general Nokman Mustapha, the eight claimed to be innocent but he was puzzled as to why they did not respond to FAM’s disciplinary notice letters.

The very same committee will hear the cases of another seven players, also from demoted Premier League side KL, this Friday after they entered defence.

Questions were asked if players were “forced” to turn to bookies after late payment of salaries.

Read the full report in Mailsport today.

HD says: Late salaries nothing to do with match-fixing? Come on...


  1. sapa sapa yang berminat pasal coach klfa tu..



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