KLFA must be made to pay

Below are several paragraphs taken from Mailsport editor Tony Mariadass' column Level Field published in the paper today:

Another seven (KLFA) players are expected to be hauled up today and could well face similar action. (bans or suspensions) 

What’s puzzling is that KLFA let the sponsor have a say in the hiring of the coach and players and even in managing the team when it is clearly stated by FAM that the team must be managed by the association.

So, KLFA knew something was amiss, but did nothing about it, including curtailing the powers of the sponsor.

To call KLFA poor would be a misstatement.

KLFA manages the stadium and only pays booking fees to City Hall. Maintenance of the stadium is shouldered by City Hall. KLFA also get financial aid from City Hall.

It is also learnt that the developer had given KLFA a condominium, but whether there are any returns from the property is unclear.

Then, there is revenue from billboards also acquired during Elyas’ tenure, and surely KLFA can manage better with all this income.

Today, a personal assistant of Astaman, who was initially brought in as liaison officer and was not supposed to cost KLFA any money, is the assistant secretary with a paid salary and calls all the shots in KLFA. She has also found a place on FAM’s media committee.

Read the full commentary here. (for those who do not understand, it means you take the mouse which is attached to your laptop or desktop, you hover over the word 'here', you left click and presto the full article appears. For those using touch screen devices, the same 'magic' can be done through your phone).

HD says: Must be very detailed these days as some people, despite being 'smart' in updating their Facebook accounts, are quite clueless when dealing with hyperlinks.


  1. This country is "doomed" big time!

    The rich and powerful don't care a cent off what is happening to this nation and still going about with their life with misusing their position by robing the people's wealth. There're no more human value, its only ringgit and cents value.
    This is one country where politically well connected people can go totally free from the law even when there're clear proof and indication of their wrong doings - The cow stories, Pkfz, AG report, and the list goes on with no ending.
    What ever hardship these rich and powerful people bring about to the people of this country is never their concern - They can still go around buying expansive condo's abroad.

    It looks like everybody is waiting for their turn to rob this nation!

    HSKL says: Don't forget your turn come the judgement day!!


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