Surviving without race-based political parties

Others I spoke to said the drama in MCA beats any TVB series and MCA is yesterday’s news. Many are unable to relate to such politics.

They find it easy to consume a fabricated lie against the establishment than the truth. They would grab onto anything to slam leaders.

Such frustration is fueled by the lack of explanation and initiative to embrace the people. It is typical human nature to be defensive when attacked but the key to earning admiration is to admit, rectify and progress.

Instead, we are bombarded with nauseating claims of phantom voters, immoral activities and corrupt practices. What about the party? What about the people?

There are agendas behind every political party but priority must be on the man on the street.

Political parties are not a playground for the elite few. Those within are supposedly elected representatives of the people, a reflection of a particular community. Thus the voices of the community must be aired — regardless of ethnicity.

Manifestos and pledges made prior to the elections should be followed through. Instead, we hear internal bickering disguised by the fight to champion the race.

Some may live in denial. But one thing is clear — there are many of us who have survived without race-based political parties.

Read more in Haresh Says as published in The Malay Mail today.

HD says: Missed those TVB and Jade Solid Gold days...


  1. Saya terkenang pulak zaman kanak-kanak dulu ada cerita Police Cadet di TV2 jam 6 petang (masa tu bukan teribtan TVB rasanya).Nama watak hero dia Wai Kit ...hmmm...drama oh drama. Akhir-akhir ini tiada lagi drama TV yang betul-betul menarik minat saya untuk menonton. Baik di stesen berbayar mahupun FTA. Mungkin kerana realitinya, drama kehidupan sebenar yang membabitkan pihak pengurusan negara (dan negeri) sudah sangat meloyakan. Sedih.


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