Snooker needs a hero

Thor Chuan Leong  being interviewed on TV.MSBF president Melvin Chua had this to say: “Snooker is huge in China because of Ding (Junhui). Snooker was once very popular in Malaysia because of Chong.

“Like football, if the winning stops, the popularity stops. It is the same with badminton and squash. That is why the development cannot stop.”

All the best to the crew — Thor Chuan Leong, Moh Keen Ho, Suhana Dewi Sabtu, Ibrahim Amir, Alan Tan and Klaudia Djajalie in Myanmar.

Hopefully our snooker players will be remembered more often instead of just during the Sea Games.

Read more of Haresh Says The Malay Mail today.

HD says: Well done Chuan Leong!


  1. Softball got heroine! Congratulations

  2. Karate also got no hero. How?!


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