Anyone can borrow national football team?

I had on Tuesday highlighted about the national Under-16 team playing as Frenz United FC in a friendly match against Liverpool Under-17 team in my column Haresh Says, published in The Malay Mail.

Having read the commentary, The Malay Mail correspondent SS Dhaliwal checked with FA of Malaysia (FAM) general-secretary Hamidin Amin as tweeted by Dhaliwal:

On Thursday, Hamidin painted a different picture as he was quoted by Mailsport saying:

“We endorsed the idea of using the Frenz jersey. It is not a big deal. FAM and Frenz have an agreement should any untoward incidents occur too."

Read the full report here.

While FAM may think it is "not a big deal", their other stakeholders - the Education Ministry - are not impressed at all.

And those in the ministry are also not amused with the name dropping, as some quarters had been using, or rather misusing, deputy prime minister cum education minister Muhyiddin Yassin's name.

I wonder if Muhyiddin knows about this.

I stress again that we should be thankful to any party willing to lend a helping hand in molding young talents for the nation. But let's be clear about the whole deal (if there was any).

HD says: So can our national team play as The Malay Mail FC or Haresh Deol FC if I am able to bring and sponsor Tottenham Hotspur to Malaysia?  #sajetanya


  1. Were the players in the team (Frenz United/FAM) representing in a schools based game/tournament? If their parents had given their permission, what have the little Napoleons of the Education Ministry to say. Let's not throw our weight and bully without knowing the rules of engagement. The most important authority of an individual under the age of 18 is the parent. If the parent has given his or her consent the officials of the Educational Ministry are not responsible and do not have the authority. Anyway it was good exposure to the young players to play against international teams.

  2. When we let people from political background to run and manage sports this is what we get in return.

    Hamidin, comes from a political background(Umno) which is why he talks and say things like "not a big deal"
    He is cultured by the Ketuanan Melayu ideology when comes to matters involving public funds and interest. He strongly believe's that he is the tuan and the rest are 'coolies'

    The sickness has flourished to an alarming level in the society,
    where they believe they can take and do whatever they want with the wealth of the country, belonging to the people.

    If we allow this sickness to continue, one day, we won't be surprised to see the National football team playing under the name of Ketuanan Melayu FC.

    The Malay politicians are embarrassing and putting to shame their own race with their action and behaviours!

    HSKL says: A time will come where with all the money in the world they can have will not be able to safe them!!

  3. Wow HSKL. I wonder whether Tan Sri Anuar Musa .the person that brought Kelantan Fa fom playing in the third tier of Malaysian football to become the king of Malaysian football isn'nt an UMNO man? So did Shahidan Kassim with Perlis? What about selangor during the time of Aini Taib? Whats up with ur obsession of accusing Umno? And what has got ketuaan thing had got to do with anything? I dont hear hamidin said anything bout any ketuaan what soever. In fact most of the time it camr from the mouth of poeple that are racist themselves against people that support Umno. Let me give u an advise with u people.go and set up a football team. Get affiliated.then lawan lah bila time election.when u lose . You again will claim without evidence foul play bangla voters voring for hamidin ! But what you didnt realise us that u urself is the worst ketuaan self centered i think u can do.better but complain foul only lah! Its all about the peeple lah. Umno ka. Pas ka. Dap ka . Republikan ka. Vlaams belang ka.when u r not sincere.they will become like you like perkasa,like dong zhong,like nazi.all the are twins.

  4. Kita boleh pilih untuk menjadi orang, manusia atau insan!

    Harapan saya adalah supaya, makhluk berakal boleh di rujuk sebagai insan, sebelum ketibaan 'DAJJAL' dan IMAM MAHADI.

    Lebih ramai insan yang beriman lagi cepat Dajjal dapat di tewaskan InsyaAllah.

    Salahguna kuasa dan salahguna duit milik rakyat oleh orang-orang yang berkuasa dan berkedudukan terdiri daripada kebanyakan yang berlatarbelakangkan politik, kalau bukan semua.

    Yang mendorong perbuatan seumpama ini, di kaitkan pula dengan bangsa, sehingga terbawa-bawa ke semua peringkat dalam kehidupan makhluk yang berakal seperti di FAM dan yang lain-lain.

    HSKL kata: Yang mana lebih baik, menjadi orang, manusia atau insan?!

  5. HSKL try to paint racist picture into the issues. Why you so racist laa

  6. Now days, whenever a Malay holds position in the Government and sports bodies, they seem to do things as they wish - with the exception of some. Their action and decisions sometimes gives a wrong impression on them - just because they are Malay, they think they could do whatever they want, like what Hamidin, said, "no big deal" What right has he got to use such words, when his salary is paid from the taxpayers money like the others in the government? Are the ketuanan ideology encouraging them to do and say things, which can negatively reflect on those wonderful, and humble Malay majorities.

    Lets not let the few wrongful Malay's to tarnish the image of the rightful Malay's, including the rotten Indians and the Chinese, in MIC & MCA who has accumulated wealth beyond their capacity.

    The few rotten Malay's happened to stand-out by promoting the Ketuanan ideology to cheat and do things as they wish.

    HSKL says: What has gone wrong, with the so called leaders who have access to the taxpayers money?!


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