Olak unhappy over poor umpiring decisions, 'unqualified' coaches hog limelight

OLD La Sallians Association of Klang (Olak-PKT) had to bring out their best to edge 1MAS Perak 2-1 in Division Two B of the Junior Hockey League at the Azlan Shah Stadium in Ipoh yesterday.

However, Olak who have 15 points from five straight wins, were unhappy with certain aspects of the match and have sent in a written protest with a RM500 deposit.

"Although we won the match, I am unhappy with how the umpires handled the match, and have submitted a written protest to highlight the shortcomings which almost cost us dearly," said Olak team manager Joseph de Silva.

Read more in today's NST.
Meanwhile, SS Dhaliwal, a man who knows hockey inside out, took issue over the selection of several fresh faces as coaches on his Twitter account:
HD says: Would the concerned parties care to explain?


  1. Its interesting how 2 independent issues are so releated to one subject. Policy. One has a valid arguement while the other holds no water. There must be proper policy adhered to when it comes to appointing officials. How MHC handles this is a reflection on how well they manage their policies. It is an opportunity to shine and stand up especially when the spotlight is on hockey and with the world cup coming up

  2. As long we hold to the adage, that ex national athletes are the best coaches..we are doomed. There ex national players who have become great coaches....but performance as an athlete and coaching are poles apart; especially when it comes to developing athletes. A good example would be athletics; about 10 years ago MAAU decided all national coaches must ex national athletes...It has gone down to the grassroots and today we are struggling to win five gold medals at the SEA games! Hope the year of the wooden horse does not turn our sportsmen into kuda kayu!


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