Another Selangor stadium in pathetic condition

Furious with the condition of the pitch, T-Team have taken the FA of Malaysia to task for allowing the match to take place at Petaling Jaya Stadium. They have lodged an official complaint with the national body and do not want upcoming matches to be played at the stadium.

"It was impossible to play football yesterday (Saturday). The pitch was unplayable. Our players could not make decent passes or make attempts in Selangor's penalty box throughout the match," said T-Team CEO Abd Rasid Jusoh yesterday.

"I am dumbfounded as the stadium management did nothing to improve the quality of its pitch after the end of last season when it was far better.

"Hopefully, FAM will pick an alternative venue for Selangor. No match should be hosted at the stadium until the problem is rectified."

T-Team coach Azraai Khor Abdullah described the pitch as an embarrassment.

"The match was telecast 'live' so everyone saw firsthand the quality of the pitch. I do not want to comment further," said Azraai.

Read more in today's NST.
Why did FAM agree to the venue despite inspecting it before the league started? We are well aware of the shortage of playing fields in the country and that should have been taken into account before drawing up the fixtures.
What is the state government doing about the poor stadium facilities in Selangor? The hockey stadiums - Pandamaran and PJ - are in deplorable state while, to be fair, the Shah Alam (football) stadium is in the midst of getting a facelift.

It is baffling to how the state is deemed to be the wealthiest in the country, as evident through its billion-Ringgit reserves and capability of spending more on the wages of the Menteri Besar and the Speaker but seem to struggle forking out money for a stadium they often use to host rallies, gatherings and other non-football related activities.
Perhaps the state government could focus and upgrade the fields made available in the very many universities in Selangor. 

It is also baffling to how Selangor also known as the Red Giants - said to be the biggest, if not among the biggest, football team in the country - still do not have their own field.

HD says: Don't expect quality football if teams do not have proper facilities to play on.


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