Why no aid to Meeraj?

"Don't mess with Mohd Meeraj: The Malaysian could be the first local non-Chinese to win a gold medal at the World Wushu Championships that will begin in Kuala Lumpur next week.Wushu exponent Mohd Meeraj Omar (pic) went to China to fight in competitions there in the hope of winning prize money to pay for his dying mother’s hospital bills totalling RM90,000.

Meeraj’s mother, Guladama Gull-Rahman, who was a diabetic, underwent appendix surgery at a specialist centre in Kuala Lumpur last month.

When Meeraj, who lost three front teeth when an opponent punched him with an illegal blow, returned to Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, his 58-year-old mother had died on the same day. She was buried at the Segambut Muslim Cemetery yesterday.

Meeraj, 23, who is of Pakistani-Malaysian parentage, only heard about the tragic news on arrival at the airport.

“I went to China as each competition there offered RM10,000 to the winner. I wanted to use my winnings to settle my mother’s hospital bills.

“I do not know what to do. The hospital has threatened to take legal action. I love my mother very much."

Read the full report in today's NST. Pic taken from The Star's website.

A heart wrenching article which raises one question - why hasn't someone offered Meeraj a helping hand?
If RM90,000 (about 10 per cent of the price of two chalets bought by the National Sports Council in Port Dickson) is too much, perhaps the concerned party / parties could loan the cash to Meeraj.
But perhaps, no one is concerned at all.
p/s: I would like to know the complexity of the appendix surgery and the specialist centre that charged Meeraj's family RM90,000. I did my appendix surgery when I was three at Hospital Kuala Lumpur and it was free.
HD says: I know of a footballer who got a RM100,000 loan for his wedding reception. If parties are willing to fork out that much for a wedding, why not to help settle the boy's late mother's medical bill? #justasking


  1. Bro Haresh,

    If Meeraj had won all his bouts and comes away with the cash.....you can bet the NSC dunggus will be there to welcome him and share the limelight and bask shamelessly.Suddenly you will hear the head of NSC proclaiming that a study tour has been arranged and 20 NSC officials will visit China to understand sambil melawat the wushu assosciations to ensure we win all wushu golds on offer.He will also take us on a short trip to explain all the technicalities about wushu. Shameless people.Better they quit and do something useful for their grandchildren/children instead of faking the innocent athletes and rakyaat. There are many such parasites in most of our sports.
    Yesterday ringmaster president of Sepak Takraw Malaysia bluntly blamed the media for their atrocious finishing. Can you believe it ????? Sepak takraw is in rigor mortis stage for the past decade or so.....and the people who run it seem to have numerous grandiose ideas and plans......but results makes us feel very shameful la bro.......why don't they think of engaging a South Korean to put us back to where we belonged once. Yes, the SK's are miles ahead of many takraw playing nations and just look at the way they took on hockey.......from whipping boys to world class standards !
    I weep for football and cry most times for sepak takraw.

    Hope Meeraj stays strong and may his mum rest in peace !

    Peminat Sukan JB

    1. If we were to follow the logic of ringmaster, then all Malaysian sports associations only need a ' blank cheque' to be world best! Malu lah sikit.

  2. Condolences to Meeraj n family.
    Wushu is not a glamorous sport. They did well in the last World Champ held in KL and won 3 gold medals in Sea Games (1000th gold medal for MAS)....so what?? They don't get any recognition compared to football and badminton, which were pathetic in the Sea games!
    $$$ is constantly being wasted in the so called popular sports, but the ROI is atrocious!
    I agree with the Peminat Sukan JB....that clown president of STakraw resign!



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