FAM: Visiting teams to be vetted to curb match-fixing

The FA of Malaysia (FAM) are taking steps to curb match-fixing activities, including syndicates flying in teams to play dubious matches in Malaysia.
“We have learnt from the Zimbabwe saga and there will not be a repeat under my watch, that I assure you,” said FAM general-secretary Datuk Hamidin Amin (pic), referring to a Zimbabwe club side that masqueraded as its national team in 2009.

“We have had meetings with our integrity committee. All I can say is the authorities will act against any Malaysian suspected of fixing matches.”

Read more in The Malay Mail today.

HD says: Here's hoping we will not be 'conned' by bookies in the future.


  1. Hello,! Can Anybody Hear!

    Hamidin, is talking rubbish about Malaysian football. He is either pretending or a 'dumb' in not knowing the root of the problem. The ability to speak are most lacking with the officials in FAM.
    Do we need Mountainous effort to understand the decease killing Malaysian football?? It seems like ordinary Malaysian's are more aware, and better opinionated than the officials in FAm. Is it so difficult to realise that the 'outbreak' comes from within? State fa officials are the main culprits for the decease to spread, with no cures on sight.

    What prompts human to cheat and be dishonest? Why do they disregard core ethical values. There're many reasons behind such behaviour. It involves intrinsic and extrinsic consideration for some to act disgracefully. Most often such action occurs when one is deprived their welfares, which leads to uncertainty in their lives. Nevertheless, even people who's welfares are assured becomes greedy for more money too.

    So, why is there total ignorance by the FA officials on the part of their weaknesses as administrators????

    HSKL says: Vetting comes from within, then on others.

  2. Vetting visiting teams? How??


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