Ex-Fifa security head: Local bookies have links with England, Brunei

The Malay Mail report on July 13, 2009.
Malaysian betting syndicates have grown in stature as their corrupt practices have now penetrated leagues across the world.

Chris Eaton, director of Sport Integrity at the International Centre for Sport and Security, said Malaysians have been in the thick of global betting syndicates and were linked to leagues and agents in Australia, England and Brunei.

He was responding to reports that a Malaysian betting syndicate had tried to fix matches in India last season.

“Yes (I am) aware of this (Malaysians linked to fixing I-League matches). (They are) connected to Australia and England, and interestingly Brunei too,” said Eaton yesterday.

“But it’s far bigger than Malaysia as you know. All our tracks are leading to China and Russia via compliant, complicit and ignorant others.”

Eaton, however, was unsure if the M-League, which kicked-off last week, was spared from such activities.

“We are in the middle of these inquiries now. We haven’t looked at the M-league for a while. Just look at the names of (match-fixers) those arrested in Australia and England. These guys use each other names and even passports from time to time.”

“You have had the self-destruction of several Singapore based match-fixing syndicates through infighting over the past two years. These syndicates have Malaysians and Malaysian bested colleagues, runners and opportunity-spotters for instance. These are all pawns of the betting-fraud (while the) kingpins, and almost all, are China nationals, Malaysians or Russians.”

Read more in The Malay Mail today.


  1. Malaysian's are World Standard, Match Fixers!

    Malaysia have successfully produced talents, for gambling and match fixing, instead of the sport. It is very clear to us now, that Malaysian football is doomed for good. And also, if at all, one day - no idea when - Malaysian football happen to make it to the world stage, it will obviously be, not on merit. We have kingpins, match fixers, we need not worry too much. It is all about buying and selling. They can easily buy the passage for Malaysian football, they have done it before, a few times at the regional level competition, including Singapore(SEA)
    The fixing was so rampant, the poorer Asean countries was easily bullied by the fixers, from these two country. The price is cheap, when comes to fixing matches at this regional level, compared to Asia, and beyond. At these levels Malaysia and Singapore are simply minnows financially to buy teams and players to sell, especially the Middle Eastern region - the Arabs, got plenty money! Referees, becomes the easy target for the fixers when faced with these rich nations, and given the only hope for Malaysia and Singapore football to make it falsely.

    So, now we can easily agree, that we can still make it hopelessly to the desired level?

    HSKL says: Football from SEA region is progressing falsely!

  2. Look who's their sifus la......the "ruling party" of this country!



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