I give a flying f!

We boast to be a so-called soon-to-be developed nation, have some of the tallest and biggest structures in the region and world.

Yet, we can't even get basics right - like enjoying uninterrupted water and telecommunication services.

Water disruption occurs on a daily basis in the Klang Valley.
Why must we subject ourselves to such incompetence?

Are we expected to console ourselves by saying: "Oh this is Malaysia lah" or brush issues aside by cynically saying "Malaysia Boleh"?

Are we supposed to whine and rant only to forget about such matters the next day?

Are we to adopt the 'tidak apa' attitude, hoping someone else will do the job?

Are we to leave the future of the nation to a bunch of incompetent individuals?

Are we to keep quiet if we were given certain forms of incentives (may it be cold hard cash or projects)?

Are we to allow our children to grow up in a confused, greedy and selfish environment?

Malaysians are bigger and better than this.

Politicians, corporations, and GLCs must realise they need us and not the other way round.

Their task is to serve us and not the other way round.

Seek the wisdom of our icons, rope in our talents and allow the participation of all to help the nation grow and prosper.

Above all, we demand to be treated right.

Why am I writing this?

Because I give a flying f!


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