'You got to Moovit, Moovit.' You got to try it!

The government seems to have a very confusing stand when it comes to public transportation in the Klang Valley.

On one hand, the Federal government is investing billions on the MRT. At the same time, they are approving highways and expressways projects.

I have, for many years, insisted more highways will result in more vehicles on our roads. The highways and expressways will eventually be choked. And what do we do then? 

The way forward is to encourage people to leave their vehicles at home and use a well-connected public transportation system.

While much emphasis (and collaborations) has been made by the government over ride-sharing applications like Uber and Grab, nothing has been mentioned about Moovit.

A good friend of mine Purwaiz Alam told me and another good friend of ours Graig Nunis about the transit application over lunch. It can even be used on your desktop or laptop.

Moovit will tell you how to get from point A to point B using public transportation (bus, KTM Komuter LRT, MRT). And the best part - it's FREE! 

Eg. Journey from Big Singh Capati in SS15, Subang Jaya to Satay Hj Samsuri in Kajang would take 92 minutes. 

Nunis was impressed with the application. And his tweet was acknowledged by Moovit vice president (operations) Roy Bick.

Moovit is being used by 80 million users in over 1,500 cities in 78 nations.

Time for you and I to Moovit!


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