What will you be doing on Hari Sukan Negara?

When: Oct 14, 2017
Where: Nationwide.

What's the plan?

The Youth and Sports Ministry has several activities lined up. Two outstanding features of the celebration this year are:

1. All sporting venues and facilities owned by the ministry will be available on October 14, 2017 for FREE!

- Hopefully venues belonging to the state government and state sports councils will also be made available to the masses on that day without any charges. Perhaps the private sector and gymnasium operators can jump on the bandwagon and market their services.

2. You will be sweating it out alongside our KL SEA Games medalists.

- Efforts are being made to get our superheroes to return to their hometowns and join the locals for a fun day out.

There will be several activities organised by other parties here and abroad. The list can be viewed here.

So ditch your mobile phones and go sweat it out. Have real conversations, make new friends.

The National Sports Day is just 15 days away.  Don't just rely on programmes lined up by the ministry and government agencies.

You can play your part by organising a simple sporting activity involving your family, neighbours or those in your community.

A brisk walk (or cycle) around the park or a morning tai chi session will not cost a thing.

But remember, staying fit and healthy is not just a one day thing.

Let's celebrate sports and instill a sporting culture within us.

NOTE: By the way, this is NOT a paid advertorial.


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