'Boikot jer'


Who is Muhammad Aiman referring to? I wonder which sport is the team from.

I think I may know which team but I'll keep my thoughts to myself.  

This particular paragraph interests me:

Bagi aku senang, boikot jer, takyah bagi publisiti langsung kalau itu cara dia. Dia meroyan takpe, tapi kalu player mengeluh, merungut dia nak saman media. Acaner tu? Bila ditulis benda positif takde pun share artikel tu di platform media sosial masing-masing, bila tulis negatif laju jer mengugut ...

Sue the media? Well people are free to exercise their rights. If its defamatory, the 'victim' has every right to take legal action. Otherwise, don't waste the courts' time lah.

What Aiman said is true. When credit is given when due, it is taken for granted and appears to be a birth right. When something "negative" (the word negative is extremely vague and wide these days) is published, certain quarters will be quick to react. 

I'm sure those who get offended easily would love it if the Press started writing like this: 

MALAYSIA - The best team in the whole wide galaxy said it was simply being polite by allowing the opposing team to win in an amazing match held under a beautiful, starry night yesterday.

The team ....


  1. kepala aku dah melayang ke Selatan Negara, kelab tersebut ke?

    1. bila org bodoh mmbaca tapi gigih nak komen,,,ada pernah dgr ke player jdt mgeluh merungut...lain kali baca dan fahamkan artikel betul2 sebelum komen

    2. Player dia ada mengeluh dan merungut ke? Jiran dia tu.

  2. Player selatan mengeluh ke?


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