'It is not a sports bubble. It is a prison'

"It’s not a sports bubble. It’s a prison. Some of these athletes have not been allowed out since they got in during the RTT (Road To Tokyo) camp in June last year. Athletes from Sabah and Sarawak I’m talking about. 

Olympic athletes are getting severely stressed because they have no ability to disassociate from their training environment. 

General public sport has begun yet MSN (National Sports Council) is forcing the national athletes, who share the same venue as the public, to remain in their prison. 

The person who came up with this ridiculous sports bubble SOP (standard operating procedure) has not considered the long-term impacts on the wellbeing of the nation’s top athletes. 

All they really care about is (cyclist) Azizulhasni (Awang) but he’s free to go about his normal life in Australia while his teammates in Bukit Jalil are going stir crazy in a low-performance environment.

Once again MSN stifles creativity with a one size fits all approach."

I received this message.

Thoughts please.


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