National sports associations should rightfully run sports but in Malaysia ...

".... the national sports associations (NSAs) allow others to take charge and then whine about it!"

That was in essence the conversation I had with several officials and athletes (past and present) in recent days.

There were those who agreed it is time for the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) to run the show

There were others who say the idea seems ideal on paper but will not work in reality. Also, the office bearers cannot be part of any other national bodies to ensure there is no conflict of interest.

Here are some of the other comments:

1. "The concept is simple. NSAs should run their own sports. But in Malaysia it becomes blurred when the NSAs can't stand on their own two feet and rely on others for funds."

2. "Why quick to blame MSN (National Sports Council)? So many office bearers (in NSAs), what do they do?"

3. "Idea is good but siapa yg nak implement kat OCM?

4. "The main stakeholders are the minister, MSN, OCM, NSAs. Minister's, MSN's, OCM's and NSAs targets are the same as they are all using government's funds, which of course is never sufficient to achieve their targets. Since OCM & NSAs have very little say on the budget, what else can they do but to just tag along. On the other hand if the NSAs were to run the training programmes (on their own), can NSAs be trusted? Of course not! Accusations that MSN itself is wasteful cannot be substantiated because MSN has the whole government system to check on them."

5. "Why Germany and other develop nations can have decentralised program by (the) state sport authority (while) working with state sports bodies coupled with federal funding? They are doing so well in the Olympics."

6. "Ramai pakar komen but if nothing is done, nothing will ever change."


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