MAB in the dark over concert donations

The Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB) is in the dark over claims it was supposed to obtain a portion of the ticket sales from the series of Richard Clayderman concerts last month.

The concert organisers said in a press statement in October: “Universal Music Malaysia is working with organisers Mojo Resources to donate a portion of the ticket sales to the Malaysian Association for the Blind to help blind musicians in the country.”

It remains unclear as to the total number of tickets sold and the percentage from the revenue the organisers had intended to donate to MAB.

MAB chief executive officer cum secretary Datuk S. Ganesan was clueless over the matter.
“I’ve checked with my officers and we have not heard from any party claiming to represent any concert or giving us any donations from any concerts,” said Ganesan.

“I will vet all collaborations and I can confirm we have not heard from anyone. In fact, we were unaware of such a statement being made by the organiser of the concert until you raised this matter with us.”

Read the full report in The Malay Mail today.

HD says: Hmm...


  1. My friend. This is very common. The organisers want to enjoy tax exemption. Even if they donate it will be just a token sum to hoodwink the government. Even the King of King musical has announced that they will be donating to tamil school. But nobody know how much. Just like you said the % is not stated anywhere


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