Academy questions why national trio donned club jersey

1As published in Mailsport today

A KUALA LUMPUR-based football academy was baffled to see three of its players donning the jersey of another club in the on-going Frenz United International Cup.

Youth Football Academy (YFA) chief coach N. Radhakrishnan admitted he was unsure to why three of his former players — M. Kogileswaran Raj, R. Dinesh and Muhammad Syazwan Salihin — were part of Frenz United Malaysia’s first eleven instead of the national Under-16 team.

“I am confused. We trained the boys since they were 10 and handed them over to the national set-up as they had impressed the national junior selectors," said Radhakrishnan.

“Now I see them in a jersey of a different club. I thought they would be playing for the national team. Why should I supply my players to another club?"

Radhakrishnan, who has been with YFA since 2000, said this episode would discourage other academies from supplying talents to the national set-up.

"YFA have not obtained a single sen from the government or the FA of Malaysia (FAM).
With the help from CIMB, we have been able to sustain and groom young talents.

"We are doing this for the love of the game and to help FAM develop the sport. We are ever-willing to help FAM in any way possible but at the same time we hope FAM would ensure the boys played in the national colours and not represent another club."

Radhakrishnan said he now hoped FAM would be able to release his players if YFA were to play in the Great Wall Cup (Under-17) scheduled July 27 to Aug 1 in Beijing, China.

"Since they are able to play for another club, I presume they would surely be able to play for their original club when the need arises," Radhakrishnan said.

The issue of the national Under-16 team playing as Frenz United FC raised eyebrows during a friendly match against Liverpool's Under-17 squad at the Selayang Stadium on Jan 4. This was highlighted by Mailsport on Jan 7.

The arrangement between FAM and Frenz United remains unclear while the Education Ministry claimed they were still in the dark over the whole deal. Sources revealed the ministry, had through its sports unit, sent FAM a letter yesterday expressing their regret over the fiasco.

HD says: Still waiting for a proper explanation.


  1. This episode shows how miserable football coaches are in Malaysia!

    Many coaches who runs football academy feel they've succeeded in producing the required standard players, when their players manage to get into the National teams.
    In actual fact the standard of the players in the various age group National teams possess very low standard footballing abilities, and that gives players from the academies around the country to be easily drafted into the National set-up. I've known many academies and coaches during my active involvement in coaching at grass-root and youth level - YFA, and Radhakrishnan, were among the many I've known. I was fortunate to observe, learn, and realize many matters involving coaching which gave me the knowledge to say that many coaches at all level of development failed. They are very much focused on winning which only gave them poor vision and awareness to understand the important's of character development for its own intrinsic values.

    Till today, coaches at development level are still failing to recognize important issues when conducting coaching sessions.
    They are very easily satisfied with their role. They do not know and understand how to relate matters involving technical and non-technical matters accordingly, so, that the players can apply them not only when playing the sport, but also in their life as a tool (sociology)

    Before coaches seek explanation for various reasons from others, they need to seriously look at themselves first, and ask what is really wrong with the Malaysian football. Failing to do so, will only further damage the already damaged Malaysian football.

    HSKL says: Coach can be a positive influence on a student's behaviour.


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