A-G report notes discrepancies in Sukma equipment purchases

There were striking differences in prices of equipment acquired for the 15th Malaysia Games (Sukma) despite being of the same type, size and brand.

The Auditor-General in his report for Pahang said the equipment included vacuum cleaners bought at between RM400 and RM600 each, whiteboards between RM590 and RM920 each, industrial fans between RM248 and RM650 each and trolleys between RM150 and RM600 each.

Other items were LCD television sets at between RM1,450 and RM2,300 and video cameras between RM1,600 and RM2,100 each.

The Auditor-General also found that support equipment was acquired from the same suppliers of the sporting equipment.

The report said suppliers who were not specialised in providing support equipment would obtain the items from other suppliers, who would then mark up the prices.

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HD says: Boleh tolong jawab? Will anyone jawab? Atau buat bodoh and continue to waste public funds?


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