Etiqa stays out of doctors' claims issue

Etiqa Insurance and Takaful has distanced itself from claims made by doctors who are still being owed monies by third party administrator Medijaring Sdn Bhd.

While the insurance company admitted it had appointed Medijaring to manage medical schemes with panel clinics and hospitals, it said the appointment ended in October 2012.

“As part of the conclusion of Medijaring’s appointment as administrator for Etiqa, reconciliation of the medical scheme’s claims between Etiqa and Medijaring was carried out,” Etiqa said in a statement to Malay Mail.

“Where there were outstanding eligible medical claims owing by Etiqa to Medijaring, Etiqa had taken proactive measures, including to settle the payment directly to the affected clinic and/or hospitals.”

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Etiqa was responding to claims made by private practitioners as published in The Malay Mail on March 31, 2014

The article read:

Doctors said they had not received their payments from third party administrator (TPA) Medijaring Sdn Bhd since 2007.

Checks by Malay Mail revealed a doctor based in Langkawi is owed a staggering RM78,730 while another Nilai-based doctor has yet to receive RM43,795. Those affected have lodged complaints with the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) and Medical Practitioners Coalition Association Of Malaysia (MPCAM) while others have initiated legal action.

MMA claims millions were still being owed to hospitals as well but its main priority was to “aid individual doctors who face financial losses”.

Based on numerous reports lodged, MMA and MPCAM are in the midst of compiling the number of doctors affected and the total sum involved.

Most doctors said they tried to contact Medijaring, and Etiqa Insurance & Takaful ― who they claimed had appointed Medijaring ― to seek answers but their efforts proved futile.

It was the same day The Malay Mail published that several doctors from Bentong Hospital were up in arms over the lack of action by the authorities after a hidden camera was found in the emergency department’s toilet in January, as seen here.

HD says: Would the doctors be satisfied with the explanation?


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