More stadium woes for hockey lovers

As published in Mailsport on April 10, 2014

Plans to revamp the Tun Razak Stadium have been put on hold – but the stadium is expected to reopen in August after re-turfing works are completed.

However, a land swap deal that could see developers upgrade the sporting facilities in the area appears nowhere in sight due to legal reasons.

A Mailsport probe following an alert by hockey enthusiasts, revealed the stadium was unfi t for use because the turf was ripped off late last year, leaving players in the lurch.

“The Duta project will go as planned. We are looking at redeveloping the Kampung Pandan Sports Complex fi rst. But the Tun Razak Stadium would be in use again soon. The tender for the turf has been approved,” said Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

The land on which the stadium and squash courts sit belongs to a third party, who won a legal suit last year.
The government had plans to swap the surrounding “green lung” with developers in exchange for upgrading the sports facilities in the area, which also includes the squash centre.

Similar plans were also in the pipeline for the Kampung Pandan facility.

As for the Tun Razak Stadium, Malaysia Stadium Corporation (MSC) chief executive offi cer Ahmad Helmi Harun said: “Work was at 20 per cent but was stopped in February as we had to confi rm technical matters.
“We need to follow specifi cations by the International Hockey Federation. “Work resumed last week. It cost RM2 million and would be completed in August,” said Helmi.

Mailsport has also been highlighting the deplorable state of the PJ and Pandamaran Stadiums.


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