Selangor hockey turf saga: Ask and you shall receive, says KJ

This article by Vijhay Vick appeared on the back page of Mailsport on April 4, 2014. ball is in the Selangor government’s court.

Selangor HA (SHA) have been struggling without a hockey pitch for the past 10 years. Efforts have been made to ensure the respective councils, PJ City Council and the Klang City Council, repair the facilities but it has fallen on deaf ears.

Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin insists his ministry was ready to help Selangor in any means possible but it must be initiated by the powers-that-be.

The PJ Hockey Stadium in a dilapidated state. Khairy (inset) says his ministry is willing to provide assistance if asked by SHA.

“The ministry’s position is simple considering the stadium comes under the purview of the City Council, which is under the watch of the state government.

If they (state government) request assistance, we are willing to lend a helping hand.

“However, no eff orts have been made so far. We can’t act until then,” said Khairy, after attending the Sportswriters Association of Malaysia awards ceremony yesterday.

SHA declared the Pandamaran Stadium unsafe in 2010, while the PJ Hockey Stadium was in no position to host tournaments after going 11 years without due maintenance.

Despite the difficulties, Selangor have done well in hockey.

The state have won the recently concluded National Under-16 boys tournament in Perlis, one of the many titles they have won over the past decade.

Supposedly the richest state in the country, Selangor are forced to travel to KL for training due to the lack of proper facilities.

SHA secretary P. Kuganeson said the matter was highlighted several years ago but nothing has been done.

“I don’t know why the state government and councils are sitting on it,” said Kuganeson.

“We met the state sports department in January and had prepared the documentation for stadium refurbishment by the end of that month.

But we were told on March 27 the proposal was still not tabled during the Selangor executive council meetings.”

“We are confi dent we will be able to refurbish each stadium for under RM3 million, which is a fraction of the funds allocated for football in the state,” Kuganeson added.

HD says: Nothing political or "berkepentingan". Do it for the children, make changes for the hockey lovers.


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