Rajagobal to coach Vietnam?

Former national coach K. Rajagobal could end up plotting the downfall of his former team in upcoming tournaments if he accepts Vietnam's offer to train their national senior and youth squads.

Rajagobal and former World Cup winner Marcel Desailly are among the six shortlisted candidates for the Vietnam's national coaching job. And the Malaysian former international is said to be the favourite.

After the bitter end to his coaching career in Malaysia last year, Rajagobal is now ready to take up a bigger challenge and is keen to help another nation with his coaching expertise.

The 58-year-old has helped to revitalise Malaysian football by guiding the national team to the 2009 Sea Games gold and the 2010 AFF Cup title.

Rajagobal was the longest serving national coach, having served FA of Malaysia (FAM) for four and a half years.

Appointed as coach in April, 2009, Rajagobal's contract, however, was not renewed by FAM after it expired on Dec 31 following his team's poor performances in friendly matches and competitions. 

Rajagobal's relationship with the concerned parties, including the fans, had also gone sour during that period.

The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) hopes to get an experienced coach to replace Hoang Van Phuc, who resigned recently. 

Read the full report in today's NST.

HD says: This will be interesting...


  1. Dear Bro Haresh,

    Congrats on your prize winnings....hope you win many more in the days ahead !

    Better for our coaches to try their luck elsewhere.....the game against the Philips just goes to prove that we have a bunch of prima donnas who cannot play, think, imagine or finish a decent game of football at the international level.

    Now Datuk OKS will try to appease the followers with his usual highly measured and guarded statements to defend and make us believe in this bunch of shameful fellows wearing our national jersey
    Just cannot imagine a team that has been together for more than 2 years (and millions of ringgit spent) dishing out such crap.

    Some commentator, as is, with the all too familiar Malaysian malady...blamed the grass pitch.....

    Kek, kek, kek......yes, betul itu.....all (our players and the commentator) must have smoked some grass mixed with ketum lah bro - sebab iut depa main macam zombies !!!!

    Better OKS ply his trade elsewhere too instead of him wasting time and effort whipping unimaginative blokes who just cannot string 3 decent passes in 90 minutes !!!!!

    Another sad episode for our beloved soccer.

    Peminat Sukan JB


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