Lesen ABC?

UPDATE (4.25pm): FAM are in the midst of discussing Kedah's caretaker coach Radhi Mat Din. Read today's Mailsports for more.

We have in the past heard of ABC taxi permits.

It is when the permit holder, which is supposed to be the driver of the taxi, leases his permit to another driver for a fee.

Now, let's hope we don't have the same mentality in our local football.

Football coaches in the Super League need to have an A-licence. But it seems we have teams who have A-licenced coach sidelined while another coach with no proper qualifications handling the team. Oh yes, no technical issues here as the name list still bears the former coach's name.

Is this right or wrong?

HD says: Fact of the day - former Mailsports editor Tony Mariadass has a coaching licence. Don't play play.


  1. bro,
    in Malaysia its about who you know. the rules states you can temporarily use a b license coach while waiting for a new coach. how long is temporary is very subjective. that's why we cannot improve. anyway, the national body has no business running the league. it should be privatised so that it can be run by pro's.

  2. Thank you for you for your thoughts Anon 9.42pm.

    I know the grace period is about 14 days. What if it has been so for more than a month?

  3. setuju dgn anon 9.42pm. liga patut sudah lama di swastakan. kepana belum? saya kira ini kerana ada orang mengambil kesempatan keaadaan tidak pro untuk mengaut keuntungan. seharusnya ada audit untuk jualan tiket. sekarang mana ada?

  4. make sure that FAM is not doing the same mistakes all over again. the old habit of "tak apa" should be left long ago. FAM should be strict in doing some decisions. thats how you'll gain respect. not just after deciding something, they soften their voices due to some pressures.


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