Shabery says...

"I will look into it"

That was the assurance given by Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek (pic) when told that the organisers of the Energizer Night Run failed to seek the approval of the Sports Commissioner's Office as stipulated in the Sports Development Act 1997.

Read 'No fun in this run' in today's The Malay Mail.

I have got nothing against the organiser. In fact, most of my house appliances use Energizer batteries, seriously.

But there is a need for the masses to start taking sports seriously. The Sports Development Act even appears when you do your taxes as you are given a rebat of RM300 for purchasing sporting equipment as described in the Act.

So it's high time for the Sports Commissioner and the Ministry to flex its muscles in accordance to the Act. Otherwise, people will just treat is as another "Boleh-land Act"

HD says: So glad I've done my taxes.


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