What if...

...someone had actually broken the national record at the Energizer Night Race on Saturday?

Sorry, the record will not hold as it was only a "fun race".

Fun or not, the winners are still waiting for their medals and certificates.

Anyway, Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya learnt it the hard way at the 115th Boston Marathon on Monday.

And I used Mutai as an example in my column titled Let's be serious in today's Mailsports.

That brings us to the Sports Development Act 1997. Is it a "toothless Act" that "has never been taken seriously?"

I wonder.

HD says: I read this on Tourism Selangor's website on the upcoming Centro Run in Klang - "...the run will award ALL runners with a finishing medal..." LOL!


  1. haha , ALL runners will get a medal ? guess i can shake my legs and go the shortest cut possible , then the medal is mine !!! but not sure the quality of the medal is like those in school sports day or not .

  2. i got a pewter medal for my FM run btw. its heavy though. that one of the thing i can give credit for. no, i dont grab and run. i queued and got mine by sheer luck :P



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