Perhaps we could learn from Ariffin

That's my observation From the Sidelines, published in today's Mailsports.

Being diplomatic and transparent is what National Sports Council (NSC) elite athlete programme director Ariffin Ghani is all about.


Transparency is also a difficult word for some, especially in the NSC — an organisation that received RM61.9 million and RM58.9 million from Sports Toto alone in 2009 and 2010 respectively (as per Berjaya Sports Toto Sdn Bhd Annual Report 2010).

That was taken from the second last paragraph of my column today.

I wonder what was the big deal of legalising football betting and allowing such funds to go back to the development of football when lottery companies have been funding Malaysian athletes for more than a decade.


HD says: Suck big time at Blackjack.


  1. Im not religious. But when it comes to football and betting esply in SEA, now thats a VERY BAD idea. Talked to a Singaporean pro footballer when I went there a month ago. He said players there want to be on the first eleven so they could be approached by bookies and get paid. Guy was practically begging us to find a way so he could play here instead. Last time the same thing happened in Malaysia, players were suspended, fans shunned local football, Astro came in and today, that's why when tomorrow Selangor (#1) play Perak (#2), the 60,000 seater stadium will most probly be filled by only 10,000 fans. Tops.


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