Academic v sports

Nazmi Faiz Mansor missed his SPM examinations yet again as he is currently plying his trade in Portugal.

This is the second time Nazmi missed the crucial examination as he was involved with the Sea Games last year. His efforts were not wasted as the national Tigers went on to defend their gold medal in Jakarta.

Naturally, many questioned to why Nazmi missed the examinations. Living in an academic-centric society, many believe Nazmi should have sat for his papers - just like what Nicol David did and she passed with flying colours.

There are others who stress that Nazmi should be allow to pursue his career in Portugal and that it is alright to sideline his books temporarily.

Perhaps Nazmi can get pointers from a 55-year-old grandmother who is currently sitting from the examinations in Kedah as reported here.

Now this brings us back to the role played by sports schools in the country.

Sports schools in Malaysia are governed by the Education Ministry and they are to adhere to the regulations set. This means that principals will be questioned if their schools record low passing rates.

School teachers are also bogged down with other activities. They seem to be forced to do everything else but teach.

Where does this leave athletes like Nazmi?

Will they be encouraged to pursue their careers? Or be told to put it on hold? Is it possible for student athletes these days to follow the footsteps of Dr M.Jegathesan who ran for the nation, broke records and became a doctor?

And do parents accommodate their children's dreams? 

HD says: What say you?


  1. Do not let Nazmi worry about SPM. Concentrate his effort fully for Beira Mar hopefully next year he could feature for the first team and make us all proud. He can take his SPM exam when he is 70 years old.


  2. Lack of foresight to place national sports schools under MOE which brought about host of problems encountered now. Is it too late to right the wrong?

  3. MMinistry of Education and Sports Ministry should draw up a tailored scheme for sportsman to sit for their compulsory national examinations. As you know SPM or STPM is held once a year. But for these aspiring sportsman , why not cater as when, where and how they can sit for the exam. MOE can come up with a annual calender for this candidates whereby they can sit for their exams accordingly or maybe during their "off-seasons" period. Make them apply and submit their dates well in advance as it gives ample time for MOE to give them a date. Only sportsman qualify for this sort of flexibility is allowed to apply. The other method awarding the SPM or STPM is an ongoing assessment or course work with a time frame given. If both parties MOE & KBS sit down and plan a way out for these candidates , I am sure we don't see any problems in future. If there is will , there is always a way. Good luck . God bless all.


  4. Good suggestion.....Bahagian Sukan KPM....please get the space between your ears to work!

  5. Education and sports must go hand in hand. No delaying the university either. Look and our Nicole or tiger wood even, they are exemplary to their sport and academic standing.

  6. main dulu puas2..dah tak laku baru ambik spm


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