Laos v Malaysia: Will Raja like the scoreline?

On Sunday, Malaysia lost 3-0 to Singapore in their opening match of the AFF Cup.

Right after the match, national coach K.Rajagobal said; "I don't like the score(line)."

Tonight, the Harimau Malaya lads will take on Laos at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil (kick off 8.45pm).

At a press conference yesterday, Rajagobal was quoted by Bernama as saying;

"I know the game against Laos is very important to us and of course my focus is to clinch all three points. I will make (major) changes in the line up for the game against Laos but I cannot reveal who will be fielded or dropped."

Laos are no pushovers as evident in their match against Indonesia on Sunday. Both teams settled for a 2-2 draw.

So what will K.Rajagobal say after the match? Will he like the scoreline?

And how will the fans react after the match?

A video of fans reacting after Malaysia lost 3-0 to Singapore as uploaded on YouTube.

Other updates;

- Norshahrul Idlan Talaha is suffering from an ear infection and it remains to be seen if he will start in the match against Laos. At the same time he has signed up for Johor.

- Thailand is the first team to book a spot in the AFF Cup semi final after defeating Myanmar 4-0 yesterday.

- The Philippines managed a 1-0 victory over Vietnam in another AFF Cup match yesterday.

HD says: Judge the national team after their campaign ends; not before, not during but once it is over.


  1. HD,
    Can you comment on Matyo move to Johor?The transfer look weirds and seems the club dont have authority on player who still on contract and look FAM own that player....MalaysiaKu....undang2 ape ni....

  2. This time around, all football fan out there can expect a win against Laos.
    At the same time we must also ask ourselves weather all the results in the tournament so far are real and no any other elements involved?

    As we all knew very well and clearly that SEA region is infested with match fixing syndicate.
    Teams like Laos,Vietnam,Myanmar,Indonesia and Thailand will and would be the easy target for these syndicates.

    Countries with strong financial strengths will normally dominate and will have the powers to dictate matters..."They can easily take advantage over the disadvantages that accompanies the society".

    To be fair, lets all wait and see weather there's going to be any suspicious decision or play (Match officials & Players)as the tournament progresses.

    If you ask me, I'm already feeling suspicious after watching Laos,Indonesia and Vietnam play.

    The game off the field will determined results.

    Lets seek some explanation from Datuk, Sepp Blatter and the gangs around the continents in relation to the matters, by firstly taking as an example the 1998 world cup finals between France & Brazil(3-0) and the 2002 world cup where the Koreans made it all the way to the semis with the support of the match officials(refs involved sent home by Fifa). Even the 2006 world cup where the Italian become champion with all the match fixing scandals surrounding Sherie-A.

    Any clues, anybody?

  3. HD,
    Ok. I'm willing to make judgement after the tournament but I'm afraid that even if we fail to win the tourney, those running the shows in FAM are still not willing to stand-up or responsible for the losses. As can be seen after S'pore match 2 days ago,only a tiny goalkeeper is man enough to own-up and apologize to the public whilst our "great" coach was blaming the players!!!

  4. 'HD says' absolutely correct...lets judge the national team after the tournament. Just hope K Rajagobal dont prepare his long-list of pre and post match "Singapore were psyhical...bla..bla..bla". So whats new about that?? - ABA.

  5. Have to agree with "HD says". Lets judge the whole thing after the tournament. I just hope Dtk Rajagobal stop creating all his pre and post-match "Singapore was psyhical..blah, blah, blah.." Whats new about that? Be strong and just admit our teams shortcomings. - ABA.

  6. Are we contented at becoming just champions of ASEAN?

    Has Rajagobal actually taken the national team to a higher level since AFF2010?

    Are we in position to challenge the 2nd tier of Asian footballing hierarchy?

    Can we match the likes of Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi, China etc?

    Are we ready for ACQ this February?

    So if we know the answers to the above questions, there should not be any excuses for not performing in the AFF 2012. Domination at ASEAN level should be a formality right?


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