Malaysia 1 Hong Kong 1 - Still got time

"Ranking tidak penting" - So it doesn't matter that Malaysia, ranked 163 in the Fifa standings, were held to a 1-1 draw against a lower ranked Hong Kong (172) in a friendly match at the Shah Alam Stadium last night.

An "experiment" perhaps? - That could have been running through the mind of defender Aidil Zafuan Abdul Radzak after his unexplainable back pass to goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat was intercepted by a Hong Kong player that resulted the equaliser in the dying minutes of the match. It was a mistake indeed but certainly one would not expect such a child-like error from an experienced defender like Aidil.

For the record, Malaysia's goal was scored by Safee Sali (pic) in the 58th minute.

Third time lucky? - We lost 1-0 to Vietnam, 2-0 to Thailand and managed a 1-1 draw against Hong Kong. Then again, why be so judgmental now when the real test awaits the team once the AFF Cup starts proper.
Oh, if you like romantic movies, do watch the 1949 movie Third Time Lucky.

"Baik kalah di perlawanan persahabatan daripada di perlawanan sebenar" - True. No point winning matches now and giving fans false hopes only to disappoint during the tournament. Based on our current performance, if we fail to make it past the group stage it would be expected-lah. But if we make it to the final you'd see ministers sitting on the road and cheering for the team. Wouldn't that be a great story to tell?

Haven't we learnt from the 2010 saga? Could history repeat itself again? Do read Tale of the Tigers to refresh your memory.

Winning such friendly matches are important to boost the morale of the players.However, the hunger to win could also work well for a team playing in their own backyard.

 Let's wait and see when the real competition begins. Till then, let's all take a chill pill.

p/s: Salam Maal Hijrah folks.

HD says: Still got time....


  1. Off the discussion here but just to make a statement. Correct me if I'm wrong : I was told of these following facts by a relative in Kota Bharu.

    Mamee had productions with Apek, Piya and Mat Yo on each of their packets.

    Happy has a very very large poster (just a little tat smaller than the bendera Malaysia on Angkasapuri) with Mat Yo's picture - among others - hanging on their building in Kota Bharu, what I was told. Hopefully they do not have mobile phone top-up cards with Mat Yo;s picture on it.

    Most people are not aware just how complicated it is for Annuar Musa when dealing with the sponsors.

    Most people simply say Annuar Musa greedy and trying to be difficult.

    Hopefully Johor are willing to foot the bills if the sponsors feels like claiming for compensation.

    KAFA's reputation for future sponsoring? Not many would care.....

    Does sponsors grow on trees?


    1. Kamarul,

      most people and fans nowadays are like that. only know how to blame others, point fingers and staging demos, when they have no idea, not even the slightest of it, how to manage an organization.


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