AES: It's An Education System

Much has been said about the Automated Enforcement System or AES in short.

Politicians have also staged wars as seen in the papers and also on the cyber world regarding such an implementation as seen here and here.

It's baffling to how such a system has received so much flak - despite acknowledging that I will curse it the minute I get a summon if I return to my hometown in Taiping.

But I know that if I speed above the limit, I'm bound to be penalised. Period.

Interestingly, those how lambast the implementation of AES are mostly the same people who claim they can lower the prices of petrol and cars.

Do read AES: The underlying truth and The Pokok Sena tragedy.

Also, the cops will not need to deal with such characters as seen here.

If one has travelled extensively, one would realise how drivers are so afraid of the 'AES' in their respective countries as they are penalised through their demerit system which results the revocation of licences or even jail time.

I remember the long conversation I had with a taxi driver about speed cameras and the demerit system during my ride from Paris to the  Charles De Gaulle Airporttwo years ago. Read here for a better understanding of the French system.

Meanwhile, those in UK call it SPECS.

"The SPECS system is so efficient and user friendly that Manchester CTO processed 2,500 offences in 6 man-hours"

And here is a table summarising the automated enforcement laws in each US state.

My take on the AES -  it's An Education System.

HD says: I believe there are better things to look into, like the SUKE highway passing through many housing areas in Ampang and the KL Outer Ring Road that will cut through the Ampang Forest Reserve.


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