NSC wins jersey dispute

http://www.sports247.my/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/panthera-jersey-copy2.pngAs reported by Sports247

THE court has ruled in favour of National Sport Council (NSC) in their dispute with Mesuma Sports Sdn Bhd over the national jersey tiger stripes.
It is believed that the Intellectual Property High Court had concluded yesterday that the three tiger stripes, of which the apparel makers had registered for 10 years – from July 9, 2009 till July 9, 2019 – do not belong exclusively to Mesuma.
However, details of the judgment have yet to be released but sources have mentioned that the court has ordered the cancellation of Mesuma’s design registration.
The matter came to attention when NSC entered into an agreement with Telekom Malaysia (TM) to launch the Team Malaysia Panthera jersey on April 28 last year.
TM had also filed eight applications to register designs consisting of its corporate logo and incorporating the tiger stripes on the words “TEAM MALAYSIA”.
NSC had claimed that it registered the design under the Industrial Designs Act through CR Sports in 2009. CR Sports also filed six applications on May 3 to trademark the striped design.

NSC had claimed the “three-tiger stripe” design belonged to the council as it was a result of a contest in 2005 by the Sports Ministry to design the national jersey and that it was given to NSC by the ministry to be used by the national athletes. NSC had claimed that the design is a national property.


  1. Then whats the point of register if it will go to NSC anyway?
    NSC officials must be sleeping all these while?
    or they DONT KNOW how to register?
    I think these officials wasting taxpayers $$


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