Just a bunch of losers

A commentary by Mailsport team, as published on the back page today.

PETALING JAYA — Many sports associations in the country are ready to hand over the keys to their kingdom to the National Sports Council (NSC) as they are afraid of losing funding if they were to go against the government agency.

NSC yesterday called for the council to be given more power to determine the list of athletes for the Asian Games following a dismal outing at the just concluded Commonwealth Games.

For the record, Malaysia returned with six gold medals, one short of their modest target and half of what they won at the last Games in New Delhi four years ago.

High ranking officials from several national sports associations (NSA) said they are willing to allow NSC to take the lead in selection since it is their “paymaster.”

If that is the case, then we might as well do away with sports associations. Since these bunch of losers are so desperate for handouts, they don’t deserve to be running their associations anyway.
This also begs the question as to what will happen to the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM), who by right, is the guardian of sports in the country.

Perhaps some have forgotten most international bodies abhor interference from the government and sports associations could even face suspension.

OCM president Tunku Imran Ja’afar (pic), who is still in Scotland, was not amused when informed about NSC’s move.

While saying NSC has the right to voice out opinions, he warned NSC “must not overstep its boundaries” and advised NSC to work closely with NSAs instead.

But, should NSC be given a free rein to do as it sees fit, when it is partially to blame for Malaysia’s mediocre outing in Glasgow as it already sits on the selection committee?

As Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin rightly pointed out: “Even without deciding on athletes, NSC has to shoulder responsibility because much of the elite athlete programmes for the Games are undertaken by NSC.”

He also said there needs to be wider consultation involving OCM, NSC and the respective NSAs and promised “I will guide the process as we must all be accountable.”

He then wrote on his Facebook page that “A failure is a failure” and didn’t accept NSC’s excuse several athletes “were close to winning gold” as the bottom line is the Malaysian contingent returned with only six golds.

So, on the one hand we have someone like Khairy who is willing to walk the talk and take responsibily, and on the other, we have an agency who, despite failling big time, is refusing to acknowlege its fault and instead is trying to grab more power.

No plans for the future

Meanwhile, it is not just the officials who are clueless.

Liew Daren, who has been dropped from the Asian Games after losing in the quarterfinals in Glasgow, is another who deserves to be erased from the national team.

When asked about his exclusion, what he needs to do to regain the faith of the national selectors and how he plans to bounce back, he offered a feeble: “I will need some time to think about that.”

To top it all off, he doesn’t even know what tournaments he should be targeting to make his way up the rankings, saying: “I haven’t thought about it yet.”

Perhaps the national selectors should not think about him at all as he has consistently failed to deliver.


  1. Why all the fuss about winning gold medal at the CWG? After all it is only a friendship games which doesn't measure anything at all - considering the Olympics and Asian games.

    The problem with our sports are, we always want to win at any cost, which brings out the ugliness. Look at Lee Chong Wei, he can win all the series, but not the Olympic gold. He was damn miserable in the last Olympics, he doesn't deserve to give advice and should reflect how miserable was he against Lin Dan.

    We're still ignorant of the fact that our system and method in molding athletes are wrong and failing to produce the type that we intended.

    We're pampered, spoiled and easily satisfied!

    HSKL says: Communism philosophies must be adopted when molding athlete.

  2. It will be interesting to follow the OCM's 'old hand's' comment on this. Apparently he is now silent when it comes to NSC matters. Words in the field is that he is now a close buddy of the NSC man.

  3. Dear Bro Haresh,

    Imagine if YB KJ had said otherwise.....something like "our overall performance was satisfactory, but we could have done better in certain sports, hope NSC and the associations concerned review their objectives".
    Everyone (NSC, OCM,Associations )would be grinning from ear to ear and parroting YB KJ's statement..Some would give press conferences, some would gloat like goats in kandangs.Some would, by now , have had their travel plans ready for the next couple of overseas jaunts
    NSC, if they truly love the country, should revamp their priorities. It doesn't take rocket science to plan where you want to be in ten years time.
    They can take care of the sports that can bring us medals in World and Olympic sports.
    Bowling,Diving, Badminton, Squash and a few others have potential to bring in the medals. As for the rest.......it is best to leave them to fend for themselves. They are good actors and dramatists.There is also a very big man who made a statement to sack a coach in the midst of the Games.We can see the games they play among themselves and against others.This happens frequently after every failed outing.Let them fight and laugh and pose for medals from Malaysia Games, Sea Games, Asean Championships and the occasional Asian Games'.
    OCM......nothing refreshing from dem warga emas...can't blame them for following Sepp Blatter......the goodies are too good to be missed out.
    NSC.....if they love sports....can take a leaf out of the recently concluded football World Cup.
    Germany and Belgium sowed their seeds 10 years ago and carried out painstaking and diligent measures to achieve success.While one lifted the cup, the other performed and finished admirably.Likewise, NSC can adopt these selected sports and assist Malaysia reach world and Olympic success in 10 years.No need to use authority......be honest in funding .....review performances.....wield the stick fairly and appropriately....kill the favoritism ....the results will kick in.

    NSC.....if they wish to see and feel a Malaysian Olympic or World gold medal......must let us know of their next 10 year plans for their identified sports. There's is no need to be defensive and shield from the truth when the results and performances clearly indicates failure.

    Peminat Sukan JB.

  4. Simple. You scratch my back and I scratch yours. Both are happy. Otherwise he will get a s.....

  5. Zol needs to go. Blaming everyone except for himself. I am sure Malaysian Sports will be better without this 'politician'

  6. Next games why not target 5 gold. This way we can achieve target or even over achieve!!


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