Chong Wei takes Razif to court

As published in Mailsport today

By Nicolas Anil

KUALA LUMPUR — World No 1 Lee Chong Wei confirmed he is suing Razif Sidek for alleging he has been using banned substances for a long time.

The former national shuttler Razif had told Kosmo on Nov 11 that several Badminton Association of Malaysia officials were aware Chong Wei has been taking banned substances for some time, but kept mum as he is the world’s top shuttler.

He also alleged Chong Wei hired a foreign doctor to treat him.

“My lawyer sent him a letter a few days ago and we will settle this matter in court. He (Razif) had called me to apologise after receiving the letter, but what’s done is done,” fumed Chong Wei, who had tried without success to contact Razif when the story first broke

“I can’t let this go because he defamed me.

“As a former shuttler, I’m sure he knew better than to make false allegations against me — especially during these trying times. He has hurt not only me, but the entire country with his comments.”

The two-time Olympic silver medallist added: “Why don’t you (the press) try and contact him to see what he has to say?”

Efforts to get in touch with Razif proved futile.

Chong Wei is under provisional suspension after traces of dexamethasone were found in his urine samples taken during the World Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark, in August.

Dexamethasone is an anti-inflammatory substances used to aid rehabilitation and is permitted outside competition as it is not a performance enhancing drug.

Athletes can only use it during competition if they fill up a Therapeutic Use Exemptions form

Chong Wei’s case will be discussed by the Badminton World Federation Doping Hearing Panel later this month.

He faces a maximum two-year ban but could receive a lighter sentence as he as an exemplary record having passed 124 anti-doping tests in 15 years.


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