Another call for BAM to ditch Malaysia Open

However, as Malaysia continues to record more than 3,000 new cases daily, the grim question is it practical to go ahead with the event?

This was asked by sports journalist Fabian Peter as published in the New Straits Times today.

Conversations are still being held if Malaysia should host the Malaysia Open. I had on Feb 10, said the BA of Malaysia should forget hosting the Malaysia Open this year

But will Yonex be disturbed? The brand had recently invested millions of ringgit to be the BA of Malaysia's sponsor.

Without a tournament and the lack of badminton coverage (no quotes from players, officials) in an English daily following an on-going legal dispute, will this satisfy Yonex?

Perhaps the Covid-19 pandemic has taught brands that they can just rely on their online platforms to reach out to their fans. Many brands these days are airing their commercials on YouTube instead of television stations.

So where does this leave the media?

That aside, perhaps not having the Malaysia Open would be the best decision. There's just too much of uncertainty.


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