Malaysia mourns death of legendary runner Asirvatham Victor, hope MAF will pay tribute to fallen Olympian

This morning, I received a message from former Malaysia Athletics Federation (MAF) president Datuk Karim Ibrahim. It was about the death of 81-year-old Datuk Asirvatham "Asir" Victor.

Asir took up athletics after he chased a school runner who took his pencil box during their schooling days in 1948.

He went on to represent the country in the 4x400m and 400m even in two Olympics - Tokyo (1964) and Mexico (1968) - respectively.

He won two silver medals in the Asian Games (1962 and 1966); picked up six gold medals in the SEAP Games (400m and 4x400m events) and represented Malaysia in the 1962 British & Empire Games.

He was rushed to a private hospital in Ipoh this morning as he suffered from difficulty in breathing.

I hope MAF will pay tribute to Asir. It is only right for sports associations to honour their fallen heroes. Without the likes of Asir and other athletes, there will be no MAF.

I thank Karim for informing me about the death. At least he still sees it fit to send a member of the press information instead of saying "I got no time" and ending the call abruptly.


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