'If they have been appointed ... they must know how to look for funds'

“If they have been appointed and sit on the highest management (of Perak), they should know that the payment of players’ salaries is of utmost importance. They must know how to look for funds and ensure a trouble-free journey for the team throughout the season.”

Those were the words of acting Perak FA president Datuk Mohd Yadzan Mohammad. Read The Star for the full article. Also read Berita Harian's PAFA bidas pengurusan Perak FC.

This is indeed music to ears. 

If one is paid to do a task, he or she should do it. Period. If he or she can't do it, out you go.

The same applies to other decision makers who are paid to make decisions.

What baffles me the most is that people in positions fail in their task and when there's an uproar, they play the sympathy card and quickly work towards making things right. They are then quickly hailed as heroes.

Shouldn't these people in power make the right decision in the first place instead of waiting for a backlash?

Sounds familiar, no?


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