Poser over Haziq's death due to clogged arteries and health status of national athletes

When a 27-year-old dies due to a clogged heart, it is indeed shocking.

But when a 27-year-old national archer, who is gunning for his third appearance in the Olympics, dies due to coronary artery atherosclerosis - it is not only shocking but poses questions if his health status was monitored.

If it was, surely there would have been signs, no?

And will there be thorough tests carried out on our elite athletes following this sad episode?

This is not to blame any party. Here's a perfect example of how things can take a turn for the worse - when least expected.

Several years ago, my aunt, a doctor, was given a clean bill of health during her routine check-up at the National Heart Institute (IJN). She was taking medication to lower her cholesterol. Barely three months after that check up, she suffered a heart attack and underwent a bypass. It was a nightmare. She's now fine and continues to meet doctors at IJN for her follow-ups.

I'm sure the National Sports Institute (NSI) will have Haziq's records. Was it a dietary issue? Was it stress-related? Or was it one of those unexplainable situations like my aunt went through?

I would like to know. Why? At least it will ensure athletes and people like you and me don't take our health for granted. 

Pay attention to your health. Disease and illness do not discriminate.

Rest in peace, once again, Haziq. 


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