Sepak takraw in Malaysia - 'PSM suspended when it should be ASTAF'


Following my blog posting yesterday 'Plot to remove Tok Mat for good? Will this be for the greater good of Malaysian sepak takraw?', I received several phone calls and messages.

Here's a message that I would like to share:

"The issue regarding sepak takraw is that the Thais have been there for many decades, especially when they controlled the manufacturing of the balls, and in wanting to win all the time. They made millions from the sport.

The problems have been there long before Datuk Seri Ahmad Ismail. Why blame him only?

Malaysian Sepak Takraw Association's (PSM) approach to the problems is totally different from the Thais. 

The Thais adopt a commercial, political and winning mentality. In other words, it's a total integrated, must-win strategy which has been very successful.

As for Malaysia there is no unity, too much internal misunderstanding and politics, no strategy and no leadership. As a result, we are left behind.

Just name me one period or one PSM leader who enjoyed a good relationship with representatives from governing bodies? I can only recall court cases and appeals. 

The 2018 Asian Games Inter Regu entry comes to mind. But in that episode, action should have been taken against Asian Sepak Takraw Federation (ASTAF).

(Read Indonesia protests against Malaysia’s inclusion in inter regu sepak takraw event)

To me Malaysia should be more serious regarding this ASTAF issue.

Today, PSM is suspended when it should be ASTAF. How sad!"


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