Age is just a number

In the Malaysian sports scene, an athlete is deemed 'old' when he or she hits 30, and considered 'antique' when he or she is 40.

Not for Australian swimmer Geoff Huegill.

As part of my trip - sponsored by the Australia Malaysia Institute - I was privileged to interview Geoff in Sydney.

The 33-year-old butterfly expert is still eager to make waves in the pool and believes he still has a shot at the World Championships next year and perhaps even qualify for the 2016 Olympics.

This is from a man who quit the sport not too long ago, had personal problems to deal with and managed to shed a lot of weight to get back in the pool and win a gold medal at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth.

Geoff now wants to inspire the younger set of swimmers, as published in today's Mailsport.

HD says: Age is just a number indeed.


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