Nazmi's Portugal stint

We've had a long tradition of players playing abroad.

Goalkeeper Chow Chee Keong started playing in Hong Kong in the late 60s. He earned the nickname Asian Stainless Steel Gate and Crazy Sword.

Lim Teong Kim played for German club Hertha BSC Berlin in the late 80s. He is now the assistant coach of the Bayern Munich Under-19 team.

We had the likes of Akmal Rizal Rakhli who played in France, Stanley Bernard Samuel who played in India and Safee Sali - who has made millions from wages and endorsement while playing in Indonesia.

Last week Tam Sheang Tsung become the first player below 20 to be promoted to the first team of Shanghai Shenhua Football Club.

The latest to join the cast of players enjoying contracts abroad is youngster Nazmi Faiz Mansor.

Nazmi has successfully secured a three-year contract with Portuguese top flight football club Beira-Mar.

It has certainly got many people excited- from those retweeting the news on Twitter, some even did not credit the source (RT) and tweeted about it as though they broke the story first while the dailies today are buzzing with the news.

Well and good Nazmi.

Hopefully there will be more Malaysians securing contracts abroad. And those who actually went abroad should be appreciated and not be placed in cold storage.

Ask Akmal Rizal and Stanley, they've been there, they've done that.

HD says: Well done Nazmi.


  1. Bro,

    There is another one, Muhd Ariff Zulkifly who has joined Island Bay United in NZ.


    1. Muhd Arif Zulkifly has been called up for trial in Luton Town FC, UK (Blue Square Football Conference). Heard that he will be leaving on May 31st.

  2. hihi to nazmi, jgn cpt rindu masakan ibu mcm fazli shaari n rudie ramli..


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