Another coup d'etat?

In March, I had revealed a 'concerted effort' to remove Dr Ramlan Aziz as the chief executive officer of the National Sports Institute as seen here.

I have just learnt of another attempt to remove Ramlan.

Apparently, Ramlan has received a letter - supposedly signed by Sports Ministry deputy secretary general (international and administration) Jamil Salleh (presumably he signed it as he is a "saya yang menurut perintah" government officer) - transferring him to be the CEO of the Anti-Doping Agency of Malaysia or better known as Adamas.

It is believed that Ramlan should have reported as the new Adamas chief on May 1.

It remains unclear who will fill Ramlan's shoes in NSI.

I stand corrected but the position of the NSI CEO can only be appointed and dismissed by the Sports Minister (Ahmad Shabery Cheek) as per the NSI Act 2011.

Also, isn't Adamas a unit within NSI? Wouldn't this be seen as a direct demotion?

The timing is once again questionable as the national athletes are preparing for the London Olympics. 

I sent Ramlan an SMS, but he didn't reply. Perhaps he too is just being a typical "saya yang menurut perintah" government servant.

And I doubt Shabery will want to get his hands dirty - he's got the Himpunan Jutaan Belia coming up to convince the Prime Minister Najib Razak that our youths are all supporting the government of the day as they gear up for the 13th General Election.

So how ah?

HD says: Oh well.....


  1. Bro...It's just a case of popolarity vs substance. If you know how to kipas well; everything is okay. Just imagine the best sportsperson in Malysia is fully appreciative od Dr. Ramlan's contribution; and we get a goverment officer who makes a decision like this! We are doomed! Bet you the perperators are already putting plans for a whole scale of lawatan sambil belajar with the 40 million allocation.....

  2. Propose SSDaliwal to replace Ramlan.


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