Why so harsh FAM?

The FA of Malaysia Disciplinary Board slapped the FA of Sarawak with fines amounting to RM46,000 and banning fans from entering the stadium for four matches last week.

Yet, many believe the decision seem 'harsh' as Sarawak is finally getting the crowd to flock the stands.

 "The FA should be punished but to ban their fans from watching four games is rather harsh.

Here we are trying to encourage fans to come to the stadium and instead, we have the national body banning them. There should have been more thought before a decision like this."

Too harsh? Or was it the right thing?

You tell me.

Read more in today's Mailsport.

For a recap of the incident involving two siblings and an FRU officer, read here.

HD says: Let's be logical about the whole situation shall we.


  1. Though I am a Sarawakian, I say the punishment should stay as an example not only to the Sarawak FA and Sarawak's fans, but also to all state FAs and the rest of football match-attending society in Malaysia. Serves them right...

    Let them take safety and self-discipline more seriously in the future. I know fireworks and object-throwing, vulgar supporters and trouble-making individuals are the norms in many stadia in the MSL, but two, or three, or even four will never make one right.

    I attended many Sarawak games throughout the years, both in the State Stadium and the nearby Sarawak Stadium, and the security aspects were always in an extremely appaling situation. Fans throwing firecrackers (air-bombs)and other things were a must in those games, and the culprits most of the time, if not always, got away with it, and live to repeat the act for another, or even many, many more games. No body check was seemingly done on entering spectators. God knows what could be smuggled in the stadium, apart from the firecrackers et al.

    Some fans even used the stadium as their spots for being drunk, either shouting provocative abuses to match officials, visiting players, visiting fans (if any) and even fellow home fans, or sleeping throughout the match under the stands. As we know, drunks can turn aggressive...

    I hope the fine and the four-matches-behind-closed-doors punishment will make the Sarawak FA and fans to take note, and improve themselves (the FA to give more emphasis on security, the fans to be more disciplined), and not wait to see someone getting hurt from firecrackers or objects thrown by irresponsible individuals, perhaps on a small child who just wants to enjoy the match with its parents...

  2. The Lions and Kelantan match saw the biggest turnout for Sarawak in a long, long time. Local football is making a comeback, not just in Sarawak, but Malaysia as a whole. A four match ban will discourage fans from coming. FAM should be out to educate, not punish, but really, they never care don't they


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