Where is the money MPC?

On June 29, 2011 I had written the frontpage article 'Paralimpics RM4 million poser' in The Malay Mail. The article was also featured on Malaysia Today.

Almost one year ahead and there is still no sign of the staggering RM4 million "investment" by the Malaysian Paralympic Council (MPC).

And the members are getting agitated.

The investment was made to an events management company - Paralimpik Ventures Sdn Bhd. Checks revealed the MPC president and his sons are listed as directors of the company.

Below is the contents of a letter sent by the Malaysian Blind Sports Association (MBSA) to MPC on April 19, 2012;

Bayaran Balik Dari Paralympik Ventures Sdn Bhd Kepada MPM

Persatuan Sukan Orang Buta Malaysia (MBSA) iaitu salah satu Ahli Majlis kepada Majlis Paralimpik Malaysia (MPM) ingin bertanya kepada tuan selaku Bendahari MPM sama ada Syarikat Paralimpik Ventures Sdn Bhd telah membayar balik RM2 juta serta 5% faedah bagi 4 tahun kepada MPM. Saya difahamkan bahawa ini adalah 50% daripada jumlah RM4 juta yang MPM melabur dalam syarikat tersebut seperti di janji sendiri oleh Paralimpik Ventures Sdn Bhd iaitu bayaran tersebut akan dilakukan sebelum 31 Mac 2012.

The letter was signed off by MBSA secretary Muhammad Fairuz Abdullah.

MPC has not been able to give me a straight answer. Efforts to speak or make an appointment with their office bearers, since Monday, proved futile. I've even left my phone number with a Cik Hana (who claims to be the secretary to the General Manager) but sadly no one has returned my calls.

Read more in today's The Malay Mail.

For those unclear with the episode - read here.

HD says: Where is the money MPC??


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